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I feel like shit. Our management company violated our lease and let painters and cleaners in our apartment and a bunch of stuff got stolen. Most importantly my laptop and backup hard drive with 6 years worth of drawings on it.
If anyone sees a 15” MacBook retina with 16GB of RAM on it for sale in or around NYC please email or message me.

My pal Randeep got screwed over!  :(  New Yorkers, it’s a big city, but give a glance over Craigslist if you have a moment this weekend.  Buh! 

Hey everyone! I want to spread the word because stuff like this sucks and I’m hoping everyone can give it a signal boost! This person’s work was stolen— the laptop, and hard-drive— the whole kaboodle! Maybe someone will see something somewhere! You never know!

If you see anything or know anything, contact:

D: whata terrible nightmare

Gah! This is pretty much so many artists worst nightmare. ><;

can’t even imagine how I’d feel if this happens to me. Signal boosting for followers who are around in NY who can help.


Holy shit. Holy shit.

They’re actually showing Korra with PTSD. They’re acknowledging that what happened to her was emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting and that she can’t just bounce back from it right away. They’re showing the people around her showing their support and reminding her that she doesn’t have to be okay. That no one expects her to be better right away.

Korra’s not just the Avatar- she’s a person, and people can’t handle what she went through without damange. The support system Korra has here and the fact that Bryan, Mike, and the crew decided to show the realities of traumatic experiences is incredible. 

I need this post so much.  A coworker of mine also saw the season finale today and we discussed how we felt about it.  While I thought it was fantastic for the above reasons, he blatantly said that Korra should just kill herself because she shows weakness and he thinks the avatar shouldn’t show any sign of weakness.  He thinks that if they show weakness, they should just kill themselves and let someone else be the avatar.  I seriously have never wanted to punch someone in the face more than I wanted to tonight.   

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